Sleeping Monkey Guard Maze

no deposit online casino monkey guard sleeping maze

Maze art of a sleeping monkey guard – solved here – created for no deposit online  casino

Awesome maze artwork by MAZERATTI (Maze Artist) of a monkey guard sleeping at his post. Complete with a crystal spear and ZZ’s coming out from his snoring now.

This artwork war created for an online casino to use in their NO-Deposit campaigns, meaning they are allowing users to play for free initially, but with REAL MONEY being the prize. They do this with fairly small amounts to allow users to test out the casino before they put in real money.

Casino Berdie Sanders

feel the bird - bernie sanders with birdie casino maze

Feel The Bird | Bernie and Birdie Maze for Online Casino – Click MAZE for Solution

Customer service and support is one of the most important things at an online casino after the games. Players need to know that they have someone to turn to if they have a problem or query to do with the games or casino. Even before the player thinks about the customer service aspect of the casino he should think about some relaxing techniques to employ that will prepare him mentally for the fast paced online casino real money games. That does not mean meditating but it does mean being calm and focused on the games. psychedelic bernie sanders online casino artThe adult coloring for grown ups that are plentiful and available everywhere are just one of the ways to prepare for the online casino. These coloring pages are free to download and really do take the players mind off everything he has jumbled up in his head. These pages together with other pastimes such as the funny cat memes or solving online mazes provide a complete distraction for the player and help him to prepare for the online casino games. Even experienced players at the real money online casino are subject to some stress levels and the cat memes or other ideas help to lower the stress levels and prepare the player for immediate and fun and hopefully rewarding online casino play.

Feel the bird coloing for grown ups of bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders Coloring for Grown Ups MAZE

The Puppy Dog Maze for Mobile Casino

puppy dog maze for mobile casino

Maze of a puppy dog created by Mazeratti for Mobile Casino | Maze’s Solution

After a long day, no one wants to think about work or the many things they have to do in the house at night. All that they want to do is relax and maybe even have a good time All Slots Mobile Casino Bannerdoing something that they enjoy. For some people this will be a bubble bath. This is a great way to relax and to enjoy a few minutes. For other people this might be a television show or a movie. For some other people, they will go to a maze and have fun solving the mazes and enjoying making their minds work in new and different ways. Some people just want to sit on the couch with their cats and play mobile casino games. These games don’t require too much thought and they allow you to just blend into the surroundings and to really relax. This is a great way to come home after a hard day, and your cat will love it too because it means you are spending more time with him or her. While these are all very different ideas, they all fulfill a purpose for the person who is tired and wants to relax. And certainly one of these – or some other ideas – will really help each person to relax.

Super Happy Cat Maze for Online Casinos OLG

happy cat maze by yanito freminoshi

The Happy Cat Maze | Happy To Give U The Maze Solution HERE

The Pros of Playing at the Online Casino and how is this related to Monkeys, Mazes and Cats?

olg online slots learn more

Learn more about OLG Online Slots

Unless people have been living under a rock for the last twenty years or so, they are sure to have at least heard, if not played, at the online casino. There are really so many great reasons that people choose to play at the online casino. It is closer to home, in fact it is in the home, and there is no need to travel anywhere in order to enjoy the experience. An additional advantage of the casino being at home is that players can wear whatever they wish and play at any time of the night or day. Playing casino games from home is also incredibly easy and straightforward. Most games can be played either directly from the computers browser or by simply downloading the casino software. Many of the online casino offer very generous payouts and there are many great rewards such as a very generous welcome award as well as exclusive gifts for loyal players.
Hanging Monkey ArtPlaying at an online casino is perfect for players who may want some interaction with other players but are not looking to be overwhelmed by a lot of noise, music and hundreds of other people vying for the same machines or tables. An added benefit for pet owners or parents of young children is that they do not have to find another adult to watch their kids or cats whilst they are at the casino. Calm and cuddly pets like cats are actually a perfect companion for online casino playing!
A fun fact for all players at the online casino is that studies have shown that monkeys are also able to gamble and in fact monkeys are also able to take care of cats which means that players who enjoy spending time at the online casino with their pet cats can be seen as taking part in monkey business!
Happy Cat art Now that the player knows how monkeys, cats and the online casino are all interlinked, we are left to simply explain how the maze fits into the picture. Fans of mazes (and there are actually quite a few of them) will probably all agree that before leaving for work in the morning it is crucial to get in at least one daily maze. What this maze fans may not realize is that once introduced to the wonderful games at the online casino they are going to want to get in both a daily maze as well as a quick game of slots or even a table game at the online casino. By setting their alarm just ten minutes earlier every day, it is possible to leave for work after having completed a wonderfully challenging maze and also playing a great game at the online casino.

Monkey Business at the Online Casino and a Cat Maze

invisible hoverbike cat memeThe age of the internet has absolutely changed people’s lives. They can now easily go grocery shopping from home or order a fancy dress costume or a wonderful book full of complicated cat mazes to solve. It is possible to buy birthday presents and send them to kids away at college or flowers for Mother’s Day even when mother is living half way across the world. Some things however still require a journey, sometimes a lengthy one, to participate in. Many leisure activities or activities where people may wish to interact with others often require a considerable amount of planning and effort.
This is one of the reasons that the online casino is such a tremendous addition to so many player’s lives. The online casino can be enjoyed from home. The player may cat spring memechoose to make this a social event and chat to other players, or, a quick game whilst getting ready for work in the morning after having finished reading the comic or even doing a challenging maze. The online casino is also simple and straightforward to play. Plenty of studies have even proven that monkeys have been trained how to gamble and thoroughly enjoy playing casino games! That is not to say that gambling is so straightforward, monkeys have been shown to be extremely intelligent creatures who also display many emotions and behaviours that many have wrongfully described as solely human. So, for example it is not uncommon to hear of cases of monkeys caring for and looking after a cat or other small pet, the ability to look after a species other than one’s own demonstrates that monkeys are highly complex and capable of learning and developing complex relationships.
If monkeys are capable of playing casino games and taking care of pets, does this imply that players who play online casino games in the company of their pet cats are actually monkeying around! This is one of the amusing and in fact humbling commonalities that people have with non human primates. Of course humans have the unique ability to communicate using language and develop some highly complex technological creations – such as the online casino for example! But to accuse someone of monkeying around could sometimes include behaviours that many have come to think of as highly developed and sophisticated.

Happy Cat Maze SOLUTION

Happy Cat Maze SOLVED

Delta Maze for Online Casino Cat and Monkey Fans

delta maze optical illuison

The Delta Maze Optical Illusion | Maze Solved HERE

Monkeys Play like humans at an online casino

monkey using computer windows sucks microsoft sucksTheir study showed that the monkeys were more interested in the gamble – in the potential win and the excitement of finding out what would happen next – then they were in the actual reward. And this could obviously translate to people who are gambling and enjoying online casino games. Are people more interested in the fact that they are gambling, and this in itself is the goal? This could help researchers and psychologists, among others, to look at how people approach gambling, risk taking, the stock market and similar fields in their lives. Certainly, it would be interesting to do more research to see if there are certain types of people who are more risk takers than others. Do some people like the safe light more often and it’s a certain type of personality that likes the risk just for the sake of the risk? These are the types of questions that rise out of such a study and that could be answered with further research.

Monkey gambling research

Cat problem solving memeResearchers, therefore, have set out to see how monkeys will do in various situations. In one study, they found that the monkeys had risk aversion. When they had to select between two situations that actually had the same end results, they selected the one that felt less risky. They could either play a game where they had one grape in their hands and receive another one if the coin toss dictated it, or they could start with two grapes and potentially lose one. Each time, they wanted to start with one grape and potentially win one. This showed that they are averse to the risk.

Online Casino Variations

online casino banner

Banner for Online Casino

relaxed cat memeThe online casino is a unique and fun place where you can play hundreds of different casino games both for fun and for real money also walk away with an online casino bonus on a regular basis. By simply joining and signing up at an online casino you will be awarded the first of these casino bonus codes. The welcome bonus, as it is known, is awarded to all new players at the casino after they make an initial deposit into their casino account. The online casino bonus codes can be used within a designated amount of time to claim extra casino credits and more hours of great fun. And the fun does not stop here. Free casino bonus codes are also awarded on a regular basis by all of the major online casinos. To make the most of these codes you should choose games that you most enjoy playing such as video poker, slots or blackjack. Some tips to make the most of your casino bonus are to make small bets-this is so you can stretch out your bonus for as long as possible. Whenever you spend time at the online casino make sure that you do not end up chasing your losses. If you have a string of disappointing games, do not keep on playing in the hope that you will make up the money on your next game, rather take a break and a deep breath and go back to playing at a later stage. Finally, one of the best pieces of advice that I always share with players at the online casino is to ensure that you fully understand the rules of the game. If you are unsure of the rules or you want to refresh your memory read the complete instructions and game rules for your game of choice, these are usually available on the online casino site.

The Casino Cat Conundrum

Many online casinos offer their players an online casino bonus as an enticement to join cat gifthe casino. In order to take advantage of the bonus, players must insert the casino bonus codes when they deposit money at the casino. Many of the casinos offer not one but many online casino codes that can be enjoyed when you play online. At most online casinos you will actually need to insert the free casino bonus codes in order to take advantage of the offer. Some casinos will automatically credit the bonus to your account even if you have not inserted the required code. Almost every bonus that the casino offers comes with a wagering requirement. This means that you must put in a certain amount before the bonus can be withdrawn. There is also often a list of excluded games that do not count towards the bonus. Always be sure to read all of the terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus before claiming it. The bonuses at the casino are just another reason that you should sign up at an online casino today and make the most of everything they have to offer. Playing casino games from the kitchen in your slippers and PJ’s accompanied by your pet cat is the perfect way to start the day! Whether you enjoy playing roulette, slots or a particularly challenging game of poker, the online casino has it all covered. So, sign up at an online casino today, collect all of the bonuses that you can and enjoy everything the online casino has to offer.

Delta Maze SOLVED

SOLVED maze of the delta

Maze of Polka Dots Pattern

Polka Dots Maze

Maze of Polka Dots Pattern | GET MAZE SOLUTION HERE

Have you ever thought that your gambling decisions would be much simpler if you could identify a strategy for discerning when you’ll experience the most luck? If you’re prepared to approach your gaming fate from a new direction, you might want to work with a chiromanicist who will read your palms, a cartomanicist who looks at your future by Monkey Apple Tree cartoon comicreading your cards, a tasseographer who assesses your prospects according to the readings of coffee grounds or tea leaves or a numerologist who divines hidden meanings of the numbers that you play and offers you advice on how to lay your wagers based on the mystical meanings of those numbers. There are numerous methods for divination that online casino gamers can use but if you’re looking for a respected strategy with deep historical and cultural roots you might want to explore astrology. Astrology involves assessing your potential success based on numerous factors that are rooted in your sign of the zodiac, the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars and the interplay between these two elements. Astrology is a popular form of prognostication. It has been a recognized way of life in many societies for thousands of years and is, in some cultures, a religion in and of itself. Astrologers can help ipad casino gamblers determine which games they should play, when they should play and how they should wager their bets based on their personal horoscope. To learn your horoscope you can submit your personal information to an online site or locate a professional astrologer.

Monkey Selfie Maze Gamble

monkey selfie maze

Click on the MAZE to find the solution to the monkey selfie maze

Why do so many people love doing crossword puzzles and seeing patterns in their lives? Why do people assume that the decisions that they make are based on sound research? These are the types of questions that have been explored – believe it or not – by watching banner for online slots casino gamethree rhesus monkeys and seeing how they do when gambling. Three researchers whose findings were published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition set out to look at monkeys and to see how they would do in certain gaming situations. They looked at monkeys first of all and not other animals because monkeys have been found to be similar to humans in many ways. They are very intelligent, they can think for themselves and they have many similar characteristics. Also, the results from the study can help researchers and psychologists, among others, to see how to help people in many fields from gambling to the stock market to decision making choices and more.

Monkey Planet Maze

monkey planet maze

Planet Monkey Maze by Maze Artist Get Maze Solution – smpl811K


You feel amazingly refreshed and excited about each day when it begins. Many people dread getting up in the morning and heading out to their jobs, but you never feel this way. Why is that? User: smpl811K , You have a secret that other people don’t have. First of all, you wake up an hour before you have to be anywhere in the morning. This gives you the time to enjoy some awesome coffee and to read the paper. When you read the paper, you always take a look at what it says about your astrology chart and your sign. You love to see if luck is supposed to be on your side or if today isn’t your lucky day. Either way, you then save some time for online blackjack games and you enjoy playing these games for just a bit before you head to your job (smpl811K). You allow the zodiac to influence your blackjack online game just a little bit. If the chart says that it’s a lucky day for you, then you might bet a bit more or play for a few more minutes. And if luck is not on your side today, then you’ll play for a bit less. And then, after you’ve followed this routine and had a great morning for an hour, you feel ready to head out to your day. It’s a great way to make a routine that makes you happy and allows you to have a blast. Think About it, smpl811K and let us know.




Monkey Moon Maze

smpl81446 monkey moon launch

Maze Solution here | Monkey Moon Mission Maze | SOLUTION HERE

Comps and bonuses is the way that the online casino awards its loyal players and welcomes new ones. The online casino bonus draws new players to the casino. New players at the online casino will notice that there are many different kinds of online casino bonus codes and it is important to read through the bonus as well as the terms and monkey jedi smpl81446conditions that apply and find the bonus that is most suitable. And as with everything in life, be sure to read the small print before taking advantage of the casino bonus codes. Free casino bonus codes will differ from casino to casino and even within the casino there are often more generous bonuses given to the high rollers or most loyal players. The bonuses at the online casino may not only be more generous than those at the land based casino, they also are easier to enjoy. Playing at the online casino can be easily integrated into your everyday life. A quick game of poker can be enjoyed whilst sitting with a steaming cup of coffee in the middle of your daily crossword. A few games of slots are the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day in the office and endless traffic jams on the way home from work. These casino bonuses can be enjoyed whilst you are wearing your coziest sweatshirt snuggled up on the couch with your cat or dog or whilst waiting for your dinner to finish cooking. There is really no time that is not perfect for playing games at the online casino and enjoying everything it has to offer including their many generous bonus offers. Make sure you take advantage of all the great bonuses and enjoy some fun times at the online casino.

Maze of Isometric Monkey Dog

Monkey dog maze

Maze Solution Here of the Isometric Monkey Maze

I know that the title sounds a little far-fetched, but allow me to explain. A number of years ago my friend Bill and I were talking about my regret that I can no longer make my way to happy birthday monkeythe casino in Las Vegas as many times as I would like. Although I had recently begun working from home, I was also a fairly new and proud owner of a beautiful British Shorthair cat. Becoming a cat owner meant that I was no longer free to jet off at a whim to spend a couple of days or a weekend in Las Vegas. I was beginning to miss my Vegas comps as well as the special treatment I had come to enjoy as a high roller in many of the Vegas Casinos. Just a quick email ahead was enough for the casinos to roll out their red carpet for me and entice me with all kinds of goodies and prizes.

Gambling Monkeys Research

 Enjoy some monkey artwork including monkey mazes and learn about this fascination research. The idea of a gambling monkey may seem strange to many people. Economic researchers from Yale actually performed an experiment that concluded monkeys do gamble, and enjoy doing so.

Maze of sleeping monkey

Sleeping Monkey Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED HERE

Why to Experiment on Monkeys

Monkeys belong in the zoo or out in the wild. There are many different species of monkeys from the very large overpowering chimpanzees to the cuter and friendlier capuchin or rhesus monkeys. For years zoologists together with scientists have been monkey on a typewriter using monkeys in experiments. The experiments vary from behavioral science to drug related experiments. Scientists believe that the reactions of the monkey under controlled conditions are very similar to those of the human and in fact the monkey is the closest animal in behavior and genetic make up to humans. One of the most famous experiments ever conducted on monkeys was by Harry Harlow in the early 1960’s. Harlow wanted to see if the monkey could develop love and loyalty to a new mother if taken away from its own birth mother, in other words he was researching how surrogate mothers would be accepted by baby monkeys. The results of this experiment were very positive and it was concluded that if monkeys react well to surrogacy i.e. new mothers when just a few hours old, humans would react in the same way. The experiment was used for family research and to this day the results are still referred to.

Early Monkey Research

In 2005 there were a number of research projects carried out on two types of monkeys to see if they understood risk and how the monkey would react to risk. The first noted experiment was carried out by Tommy Blanchard a cognitive scientists. He devised a terminator cat memecomputer game with two different bright images on the screen. The monkey was invited to choose one of the screens according to his preference and if he chose correctly he was rewarded with juice. Blanchard upped the stakes in the game by offering three types. The first game type had one side consistently rewarding the monkey his juice if chosen. The second game rewarded the monkey for alternate choices and the third game choice rewarded the monkey totally at random. The experiment results noted that the monkey always made a decision based on a pattern or bias. He always expected there to be some kind of pattern. The conclusion from this experiment noted that just like at the online casino when gambling, monkeys like humans prefer to stick to a pattern in the hope and belief that they will gain more from their pattern rather than a random choice even if the random option cannot predict what will happen. In other words the monkeys like risk and prefer a riskier choice. The results of this test were also used by drug companies as it was noted that the monkeys with lower levels of serotonin tended to take even higher risks and it was concluded that these were more compulsive monkeys and hence by increasing the serotonin levels in a person, the compulsiveness of that person diminishes. Researchers took this even further and have developed drugs that help with compulsive orders and addictions.

Monkey Money and Trading

Also in 2005 a Yale economics graduate Keith Chen together with his psychologist partner decided to do some experiments on capuchin monkeys. In a recent interview Chen was overheard saying that he really did not know what he was looking for when he started the experiments and sort of just went along with the flow until he began seeing some Paintball Monkey Groupincredible results. Chen used the capuchin monkeys because he described them as “a bottomless stomach of want” with a very small brain. The capuchin monkey is classified as a New World monkey being small and brown with a very small brain and therefore not thought of with much capacity for anything but it can be trained and this is what Chen with his colleague did in order to see the behavioral results. Chen developed monkey money; he made a small silver coin with a hole in it. Over a period of quite a few months Chen trained the monkeys to use the money. Each time the monkey wanted a grape or other treat, he had to bring his coin and trade it for the desired treat. This part of the experiment took a long time for the monkey to get used to but the results were good. In time the monkey realized that in order to receive a treat he had to trade his coin. Once Chen was happy with the use of the coin as a trading piece i.e. monkey money he introduced more coins to the picture. Each monkey was given his own stash of 12 monkey money coins. The monkeys learnt to exchange the coins for different treats, whether it was Jell-O or grapes or apples. In time the monkeys were using their money very happily for different items that their keepers offered. At one stage, Chen decided to change the price of items i.e. two cubes of Jell-O for one coin instead of one cube. This produced a very interesting and what has now been classified as natural response. The monkeys realized the price had been dropped on the Jell-O and as economics define, the monkey bought more i.e. took advantage of the lower price to stock up.

How the Monkey Gambles

There were a number of variations to this research project that Chen introduced and observed. One day he fed the monkeys slices of cucumbers that looked like the coins i.e. round with a hole in them. The monkey at first tried to eat it and then brought it to his keeper to try and exchange it for a better treat. There was pandemonium on some days cat i love you squintwhen the coins were given out in a non-ordered manner; one monkey tried to steal coins from another monkeys share. This is very similar to human behavior in every aspect. Chen also introduced a gambling game to the experiment with some incredible results. There were two types of gambling games. In the first gambling game, the monkey started with one grape and a coin was flipped. If the right side of the coin landed then the monkey gained another grape but if on the wrong side the monkey lost his grape. The second gambling game offered the same odds but appeared to be different. The monkey started with two grapes and the coin was flipped. If the right side of the coin landed, the monkey was able to keep both grapes but if the wrong side of the coin landed the monkey lost one of the grapes. Both games had the same odds but the experiment proved that the monkey, just like human behavior preferred to gamble on a potential gain rather than a loss i.e. he preferred to play the first game where he could always increase his winnings rather than lose them.

Concentrating on Potential Gains

There have been many different experiments conducted on monkeys over the years but these experiments conducted in 2005 at the New Haven hospital in Yale have been the most conclusive so far in regards to similarities in behavior and pattern seeking between humans and monkeys. The monkey always prefers to make a choice where he expects a kitler hitler cat memebonus; something with a pattern is his ideal choice. The monkey has a small brain and researchers do not think that the results of the experiments are because the monkey sat down and thought out the odds in each case but rather it is an impulse behavior based on the inbuilt impulses of the monkey that are very similar to those of the human.  Before starting his main experiment Chen fed the capuchin monkeys marshmallows. The monkey does not know how to say no or stop and just kept eating until he threw up all of the marshmallows. After the monkey had thrown up, he was fed more marshmallows. The monkey did not refuse; he had blotted out of his memory the bad feeling he had from throwing up and just wanted to gain more of the good treats. This method is also used at the online casino when gambling, the memory tends to obliterate the losses and concentrate on the potential wins that can be gained. In fact one of the well-known gambling strategies called the Martindale suggests that players should increase their bet after every loss in the event that when they actually do win, they will win back all their losses.

Using Monkey Behavioural Results for the Online Casino

There are many aspects of the monkey’s behavior and reactions that can be used towards different theories at the online casino. The monkey is always looking for a pattern, a similarity between his choices something that will remain more or less constant. At the online casino, players are constantly looking for a pattern to their playing whether it is bets gambler monkeyon the roulette table or when playing keno. The player tries to stick with the same consistent pattern in the belief that the consistent patter will eventually bring a win even if the game is totally random. Human nature for some reason, as proved with the monkeys, likes patterns and consistency whether in playing a game of keno or going to the same familiar shop each day and buying the same familiar products. When an element of change is introduced the monkey still prefers the same standard choices using his instincts that subconsciously tell him the same pattern will bring in more winnings. The monkeys without totally understanding what they are doing believe in winning streaks, they choose the same light consistently on the computer game in order to maintain their pattern and keep winning even when the odds are changing. These experiments were conducted by professors and trained professionals in behaviour, economics and psychology but the truth is that any person would be able to see the similarities between the monkey behaviour and that of a human. If a price drops at the supermarket, the human will buy more and stock up on that particular item. If the human is playing a game of craps at the online casino he will tend to keep the same numbers for consecutive turns in other words he is working on the subconscious theory that a pattern will bring him better results.

Safe Experimenting and Gaining Knowledge

There are many organizations that believe experiments on animals are unfair and inhumane. In the experiments described here, no monkey was harmed in any way and in addition the monkeys benefited from warmth and love from the researchers not to mention all the treats of grapes, Jell-O, juices and more.  The monkeys cannot talk but monkey pressing red buttonthey can signal with their eyes, hands and bodies. The monkeys are expressive and know how to show love and affection in the same way they know how to show hurt and disappointment. With every experiment the monkey gained more knowledge and in fact benefited from all that he was being taught. When a monkey misbehaved he was punished, not cruelly, and when he did something good he was rewarded. This is the same way that humans are treated and behave and it is no wonder that the results of these experiments were so conclusive and also proves that humans also like to work according to patterns even if it means taking a higher risk.  Monkeys won’t be seen at the land based casinos as dealers in the near future nor will they become the live dealers at the online casino but the results from these experiments will be used by the online casino to offer and provide better games, service and support for each player that includes gambling aware associations for the obsessive players that may be lacking in serotonin. The online casino will not suffer from the results of these experiments but rather has gained more knowledge to provide a better and more efficiently run casino for the online player. And the monkeys? They remain a source of knowledge and understanding for cognitive behavior in humans of all ages thanks to the similarities between humans and monkeys that continue to be proved with every controlled experiment that is performed.

Sleeping Monkey Maze SOLUTION

sleeping monkey maze SOLVEd